Silver Anniversary

“Our daughter and son arranged a surprise party for us to mark our 25th Wedding Anniversary, sneaking family and friends into our house while we had sauntered out for a walk. Once we had recovered from near heart failure on our return after the “SURPRISE!”, we had a wonderful time. As a lovely present from our children we received a magnificent personalised bottle of Champagne. Our first reaction was to hide it somewhere safe, but knowing how much we enjoy Rosé Champagne, it wasn’t long before we opened it and raised a toast to our children for organising such a delightful surprise. Now we’ve toasted our marriage and drunk the champagne we can safely save the bottle as part of our happy memories of the day in the fantastic gift box that our bottle was presented in. 

Our daughter said that Rupert Forsythe staff went out of their way to meet all her specific Champagne and labelling requests so that she and her brother could ensure our celebrations were just right. Now we will always have a romantic keepsake to remember our special celebration. We wish this idea had been around for all the other milestones we have saved corks from over the years.