Engagement and Graduation!

On January 19th 2017, Samali and I got engaged. It was her graduation day, which gathered all her family and friends at the right time. I have loved Samali ever since I met her and so I knew it was the perfect moment for me to propose. Among the crowd was the Rupert Forsythe - Bespoke Champagne team. After the proposal, Rupert's team came over and offered us a surprise; Bespoke Champagne Bottle with our picture on it. What other special thing could we ask for on that day than a surprise bottle with both her Graduation Day and our Engagement Day. They were able to create a memory that will NEVER go away, as they did for us. I call it, ‘A bottle that never empties, because it is filled with memories'. Samali and I are anticipating to have them around on our wedding.