70th Birthday Surprise

Aunty Isobel turned 70 this year and so we wanted to do throw a celebration that would really surprise her. We arranged a small family gathering as she lives in London, while her sister and family live in Norfolk and decided to get everyone together at our house and have a surprise meal.

The surprise was a huge success and the birthday meal went down a treat for all the family including 3 great nephews & 1 great niece. Aunty Isobel was thrilled with the surprise and so we decided to give her one more by giving her her own Champagne bottle on her actual birthday.  

Her comments below.....

"I was delighted to receive the champagne as a gift on my 70th birthday, but it was an extra surprise to see my name and all the details on the label. It's a lovely memento of a very special family occasion and as I said in my note this bottle definitely won't end up in the bottle bank!"