Ocean Aged Champagne

Introducing limited edition Champagne ‘Vikka’ by Hostomme

Sea Change

Introducing limited edition Champagne ‘Vikka’ by Hostomme.  A Grand Cru Blanc de Blancs aged for 12 months in the depths of the Atlantic Ocean, giving it a unique depth of flavour

Forsythe Bespoke Champagne is delighted to be the only UK private supplier of these exclusive and highly limited edition bottles of Hostomme Vikka champagne, aged under the Atlantic Ocean and for 12 months.  Each beautiful bottle of this Grand Cru Blanc de Blancs Champagne bears the barnacles and other natural traces of a year spent lying in its underwater cellar.  Vikka, an exquisite Champagne with an exceptional story.

‘Vikka’ translates as ‘Adventurer’ in Old Norse.  The Hostomme family, producers of Champagne for Forsythe Bespoke Champagne (and many of the world’s finest establishments and Michelin starred restaurants), has Scandinavian roots.  The ‘Vikka’ name pays tribute to both the family’s heritage and the Hostomme brand’s spirit of adventure and exploration.

The 14-year adventure of each bottle of Vikka can be traced back to 2009 when the Chardonnay grapes were harvested from the Hostomme Grand Cru vineyards located in Chouilly in the Champagne region of France.  Having been fermented for many years in the Hostomme cellars in a mix of stainless-steel tanks and Burgundy French Oak barrels, the champagne then spent an additional 4 years ‘sur lie’, a specialist ageing process which adds depth and complexity during fermentation.

The final step in the extraordinary adventure of creating Vikka, one of the world’s finest and rarest champagnes, is to protect the corks with a special wax seal before secretly submerging the bottles in a locked steel ‘caisson’.  This underwater cave, submerged 60 meters below sea level off the cost of Brittany, allows the water to flow through it.   The perfect combination of 12 months of total darkness, gentle sea swell, up to 6 bars of pressure and a constant temperature of between 10-14 degrees ensure the ideal ageing conditions                      

limited edition Champagne ‘Vikka’ by Hostomme
Grand Cru Blanc de Blancs aged for 12 months
Forsythe Bespoke Champagne, private supplier, limited edition bottles of Hostomme Vikka champagne

When poured, Vikka releases its aromatic potential, including notes of cacao and roasted ripe fruits before leading to a supple and round palate with candied fruits, ending on a perfect acidity.  It pairs perfectly with caviar, shellfish, and sea food.

Each 75cl Vikka bottle, naturally adorned by the tides of the Atlantic over a twelve-month period, is presented in all its oceanic glory in a stunning wooden keepsake gift box, the inside of which tells the astonishing adventure of its creation.  Vikka makes the ultimate gift for any Champagne lover.

As well as being the UK’s exclusive private supplier of Vikka, Forsythe Bespoke Champagne creates stunning bespoke hand-crafted gold foil labels for Champagne bottles, and our exclusive partner is Hostomme, selected not only for its world-renowned quality but also its sustainability credentials (their 15-hectare vineyard is certified as “Sustainable Viticulture in Champagne and High Environmental Value).  Popular styles of bespoke labels include the names of school leaver year groups and senior school sports teams, or bespoke messages that celebrate a special occasion.  From magnums to hampers of six mini bottles, if you are looking to mark a momentous milestone, Forsythe will carefully create the perfect personalised present.

How to order

To order a bottle of ‘Vikka’ or to have a bespoke label created for a bottle of Hostomme champagne, please contact Sacha Staveley - sacha@forsythebespokechampagne or order from our catalogue via the link below

Photography credits:  Hostomme, Jasper Cullen, Amphoris / HEOS Marine  & Forsythe Bespoke Champagne